There are several ways to know if the HVAC system is in need of an upgrade, Symptoms of an inefficient HVAC system are introduced in this topic aiming to help the learner to identify potential problems of the building.
This topic gives a clear idea of all the systems that can be integrated in the HVAC system of a shopping center for cooling and heating. These systems are broken down into different categories and introduced in this topic.
In this topic, some available technologies for energy efficient improvements are described.
To facilitate the easy understanding, a list of technology options that could potentially reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems in commercial buildings are introduced before having more deeper analysis.
A SWOT analysis of the introduced HVAC and RES are included.
This topic introduces the concept and system design of a renewable energy powered DC heat pump, and the integration and coupling with different components, including PV system, ceiling and AC heat pumps.
Several lessons were learned regarding the RES based HVAC system coupled with capillary tube during the implementation of the system in the demo site. This topic address the key processes in installation and provide as a guideline for other implementations of such system in other buildings. The validated model and dimensioning tools are included as part of the guideline as extra material aiming to facilitate the decision making of system design.